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VW Camper Cookbook by Steve RookerGet other VW repair manuals hereAs much a tribute to these legendary campers as a collection of outdoor-friendly recipes this cookbook features instructions for more than 80 delicious dishes paired with shots of vintage VW campers ranging from a 1958 Westfalia and a 1969 kombi to a 1959 23-window samba and a 1979 pop top. Designed to be prepared in a variety of rustic settings with minimal utensils the recipes are organized by soups and salads light bites main courses filling seafood BBQ and sweets and include dishes such as Tuscany bean soup avocado salad Skagen sandwich flaming beef stroganoff fast wok noodles spicy lime grilled prawns baked bananas pancakes and hot cinnamon apples. True aficionados will be delighted by the cookbook s special holiday recipe for making a Christmas-themed gingerbread bus. A handy utensils icon on each spread identifies the tools required to make the dishes. In keeping with the cookbook s global contents some recipes feature international measurements (gram liter and rasher) others identify traditional American measurements (tablespoon teaspoon and cup) and some cite those universally understood (a can a pinch and a slab).VW Camper Cookbook by Steve Rooker much more info

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